Friday, October 7, 2011

Getting Started...

After wedding blues...They are real and I had them bad! I had just spent a year planning the wedding of my dreams and relaxing for a week on the beach with my new husband and *poof* it was all over! We got back from Mexico, Rich went back to work and I was stuck at home waiting for school to start. I was depressed and didn't know what to do with myself now that there were no flowers to order, dresses to try on, invites to send, RSVP's to count, or seating charts to make.

I made it through the last few weeks of summer and all of the school year only to hit another long summer with no major plans. I know it sounds strange and a lot like whining but it is hard being a people person and being home when everyone you know is working! I decided I needed something to occupy my time and also to make me happy during the long days ahead. One of the things I most enjoy is cooking but I have always hated baking because you have to measure so precisely and flour gets everywhere! I am known for making (and forbidden for trying to reproduce) 10 pound loaves of blueberry banana flavored "lead bread". That is about the extent of my expertise so I decided to conquer the thing I most dreaded...flour...measuring...Baking. It only took one afternoon of baking, one great recipe, and one happy family of taste-testers to know I had picked the right venture for my summer! Since that day in June....This Bride Bakes!

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